Lahore Smog: All businesses to remain closed every Wednesday


A Tuesday order by Commissioner Lahore to close all businesses and educational institutions in the city on Wednesdays in an effort to tackle the city’s high levels of smog and air pollution.

In a key meeting with a delegation of dealers, the choice was made regarding the smog of Lahore. It was resolved during the meeting that every Wednesday, “until further notice,” all businesses, marketplaces, public buildings, and educational institutions would be closed. Every Wednesday from now on, Lahore will experience a complete closure.

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To facilitate a smoother transition to the new timetable, school administrations have been instructed to ensure that staff workers work from home on Wednesdays. In addition to following the Wednesday closure, banks, private institutions, clubs, and hotels are also expected to do so.

Schools, marketplaces, government buildings, and private institutions will therefore continue to be closed. The main goal of the decision is to lessen air pollution by limiting industrial and vehicular emissions on a specific day of the week. Following a direction from Mohsin Naqvi, the Chief Minister of Punjab, to take quick action to address the deteriorating air quality in Lahore, this major decision was made. Hazardous pollution levels have plagued the city, reducing visibility and raising health concerns.

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