Malik Noor Awan says Imran Khan continue conspiracies against Pakistan despite being in jail


Malik Noor Awan – the Japan-based leader of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PMLN) – said that the people’s cries have come out due to inflation in Pakistan, for which Chairman PTI Imran Khan is responsible.

According to the media reports, PMLN Japan President Malik Noor Awan made these remarks in a statement today (Wednesday, August 30). He said that Chairman PTI Imran Khan in the last six months of his government deliberately broke the agreements made with the IMF, made petrol and electricity cheaper not for the people but to create problems for the incoming government and this is what happened.

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The PDM administration was penalized, according to the PMLN Japan president, for Chairman PTI Imran Khan’s failed promises, for which the full weight now rests with the populace. He claimed that although Pakistan is currently experiencing challenging economic times and that people’s cries can be heard around the globe, Ishaq Dar and Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif saved Pakistan from impending bankruptcy. Pakistan will only be rescued from its economic catastrophe by the League.

Noor Awan, the leader of the PMLN, added that Chairman PTI Imran Khan, despite being imprisoned, is continuing to plot against Pakistan and is sending a letter to the international community requesting sanctions against Pakistan. In order to strengthen the rupee and rein in inflation in Pakistan, he urged League workers around the world to send as much money as possible through banks to Pakistan to counteract the rupee’s declining value.