Naheed Akhtar from Mansehra finally gets Haq Mehr after 12 years


Naheed Akhtar – a woman from Shankiari, Mansehra, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa – has finally got her Haq Mehr, after 12 years.

According to the media reports, a woman belonging to Mansehra, Naheed Akhtar has finally got her land, allotted to her as Haq Mehr, after a long wait of 12 years for the divorcee. She thanked the police department for helping her and risking their lives in a video statement.

Naheed is a female academic. She married in 2011, but the marriage did not survive long, according to her account of the events, since her in-laws tortured her. When her in-laws expelled her from the house, she went to her mother’s house. Her father died while she was a child, and her widowed mother was leaving with her son. She left her husband after such an ordeal, but the in-laws took the land given to her in Haq Mehr, a settlement agreement inked before the couple’s marriage.

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However, in Naheed’s case, the in-laws had confiscated the land, some jewelry, and the dowry. She went to court to assert her legal rights. Despite the court rulings, she did not receive it, demonstrating how the land grabbers, known locally as the qabza mafia, violate the regulations. When they arrived at the location for possession following court and government orders, she accused her in-laws of abducting her and torturing her family.

Naheed, who is now a teacher, approached the police despite his reservations about their public image. However, she claims that her visit with Assistant Superintendent of Police Nayab Moiz altered her mind. She assured her that she would return her “rightful” land.

ASP Nayab Moiz and her team had checked all legal documents of Naheed where the dissolution of her marriage was also declared and helped Naheed to have possession of the land back. Footage showed that a tractor was brought to the site.

What is Haq Mehr?

Haq Mehr is a mark of respect given by the husband to the wife in the form of a gift or dower. This is required. According to tradition, it is the wife’s legal right, which can be in cash or in kind. The sum is flexible and must be agreed upon by both parties.

Naheed Akhtar Mansehra Haq Mehr
Naheed Akhtar
Assistant Superintendent of Police Nayab Moiz

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