Opposition criticizing NAB ordinance without even reading its draft

NAB Ordinance

The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Ordinance is aimed at strengthening and making the Bureau more vibrant, Farrukh Habib has said.

According to media reports, the Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting Farrukh Habib has made these remarks while addressing a news conference with Parliamentary Secretary for Law and Justice Maleeka Ali Bukhari in Islamabad on Thursday.

On the occasion, the Minister of State has said that Prime Minister Imran Khan is committed to curb the menace of corruption from the country. He said accountability is an essential element for democracy.

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Farrukh Habib has lamented opposition for irrationally criticizing NAB Ordinance. He further stated that the opposition has only one motive which is to protect their own vested interests and to get pardon in their corruption cases.

In her remarks, the Parliamentary Secretary for Law and Justice has said that the opposition is criticizing the ordinance without even reading its draft. She said government has devised a comprehensive ordinance to promote accountability in the country.

Maleeka Ali Bukhari has added if opposition is ready to make some rational recommendations then government is ready to incorporate their suggestions.