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Fans express grief over death of Osman Bey horse Karayel

The first episode of Turkish historical series “Kurulus:Osman” was aired last night and left fans teary-eyed as they saw their the death of Osman Bey beloved horse ‘Karayel’.

According to details, “Kurulus:Osman” series on Wednesday returned for the season 3 on a Turkish TV channel. The first episode was sensational and stunned the fans as expected.

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At the end of the episode Osman Bey is left devastated by the death of Karayel. It is not revealed in the episode that who killed Karayel.

It is to be mentioned here that “Kurulus:Osman” series is based on the story of the founder of the Ottoman Empire. It’s a sequel to “Dirilis:Ertugrul” which revolves around the father of Osman.