Pakistan U19 Football Team achieve first victory after 12 years


Pakistan U19 football team has achieved their first win after 12 years today (Thursday, September 21).

According to the media reports, the Pakistan U19 football team defeated Nepal in the South Asian Football Federation (SAFF) U-19 Championship. Pakistan made a winning start to the event by defeating Nepal 0-1 in their first match in the SAFF Under-19 Football Championship in Nepal.

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The first half saw equal combat between the two sides, while the second half saw attempts to move ahead of each other, but in the 76th minute, Pakistan’s Ali Zafar brilliantly guided the ball into the net to give Pakistan a 0-1 lead. Which lasted until the referee blew the last whistle of the game.

This is Pakistan’s first victory in 12 years; the previous time Pakistan U-19 won 1-2 against India in the Asian U-19 Qualifiers. The Pakistan team will play the Maldives in the SAAF Championship in Nepal on September 23.

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