PNS Tabuk inducted into Pakistan Navy’s fleet

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The Spokesperson for Pakistan Navy has said that PNS Tabuk has been inducted into Pakistan Navy. PNS Tabuk was built in Romania.

According to Radio Pakistan report, the Spokesperson has said that the commissioning ceremony of PNS Tabuk was held in Romania.

The ship is equipped with modern weapons, technology and has the capability to perform several naval operations and can carry helicopters and drones.

The Navy’s spokesperson further added that the induction of PNS Tabuk into the fleet of Pakistan Navy will enhance the Pakistan Navy’s capabilities to defend maritime affairs.

It is pertinent ro mention here that another ship of this type, PNS Yarmook has already joined Pakistan Navy’s fleet.

PNS Yarmook is equipped with state-of-the-art weapon and defense systems and is capable of performing numerous naval operations and can also carry helicopters and drones.