Rs 1.78 billion released by govt for textile sector

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The government has released 1.78 billion rupees for textiles sector under Drawback of Local Taxes and Levy scheme.

This has been stated by the Adviser to Prime Minister for Commerce and Investment, Abdul Razak Dawood in a tweet on Friday.

The Advisor further stated that he hope this will resolve the liquidity issues of our exporters and enable them to enhance exports.

Abdul Razak Dawood also informed that that export of animal casings from Pakistan to Japan has resumed after a ban of four years.

“I advise our trade missions to actively engage the importers for promotion of Pakistan’s exports,” he said.

He hailed the significant growth observed in country’s export in different sectors for the months of November 2020.

The PM’s Advisor added that this is in line with our policy of promotion of value added exports and reflects a healthy trend.