Pakistan, Indonesia and Turkiye call for combating Islamophobia


Pakistan, Turkiye, and Indonesia called for collective efforts for combating Islamophobia across the world.

According to the media reports, the Consulate Generals of Pakistan, Turkiye, and Indonesia in New York co-hosted a significant event on combating Islamophobia today (Thursday, June 6). The Consul Generals emphasized their governments’ collective commitment to combatting Islamophobia, while also advocating for peace, tolerance, and inter-religious dialogue in their opening statements.

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Speaking on the occasion, the Consul General of Pakistan Aamer Ahmad emphasized Israel’s genocidal actions in Gaza as a stark illustration of global Islamophobia and shed light on prevalent Islamophobic incidents worldwide, including hate speech, targeted attacks, and discrimination against Muslims. He further brought into focus the systematic destruction of religious sites in India and other Islamophobic actions within the country.

The Consul General of Pakistan also emphasized the significant military presence of Indian occupation forces in India illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, as well as India’s discriminatory policies aimed at altering the region’s demographic composition from a Muslim majority to a Hindu majority through demographic engineering.

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