Barrister Ali Zafar says caretaker govt can’t remove President


Barrister Ali Zafar – the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) senator and legal expert – has said that the caretaker government does not have the power to remove the President.

According to the details, the PTI Senator expressed his view during a talk show on a private channel. He said that if the President had any objection to the bill, he would have written the reason and sent it. If the President did not send back the bill in writing, then in my view it is his fault.

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According to the legal expert, the Supreme Court of Pakistan ordered elections to be held within 90 days. Elections must be held as soon as possible in order to preserve the constitution; else, democracy will suffer. According to him, the caretaker administration lacks the authority to remove the president, who is a member of the parliament and is subject to removal by the house.

Barrister Ali Zafar further stated that it seems that President Dr. Arif Alvi had not given the order in writing, and the matter should be investigated as to why the President’s order was not obeyed. He said that President Dr. Arif Alvi should have sent the reason in writing if he had any objection to the bill.

“There is someone’s mistake, the President did not write in writing or the person to whom the President gave instructions did not act,” the PTI Senator said, adding that if a law is not signed by the President, it will remain a piece of paper if it gets 10 gazettes.

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